3 v 3 Summer Clash rules of play

UpdatedSaturday July 25, 2020 byKelly Stanley.

General Overview

* 3 players on the field at a time

o Maximum of 4 players on a team

* A maximum of two coaches on the sidelines with the team

* Games are two 10 minute halves with a two minute half time break.

* Pitch: 20 yards by 40 Yards. Goals: 2 feet by 3 feet tall.


* Kick off from center spot, ball may be played back.

* Substitution on any dead ball – no flying substituions

* All out of bounds are taken as kicks.

* Ball must be stopped and on the line.

* All kicks are direct.

* Opponents must be at least 4 yards away from all restarts.

* You must be in your offensive half to score.

* Balls over end line will result in corner or goal kicks. (Goal kick will be taken from anywhere on or inside the arc)

* You may not defend in the arc (4 yard radius from center of goal).

o Goal counts if defender/defenders part of the body in the arc stops ball on the way to goal

o Unless the ball is completely stopped, a defender may not be in the arc.  They may run through the arc but cannot defend a moving ball or prevent a shot.

* If a Defender interferes with a shot within the arc, a goal shall be awarded to the opposing team (Please note:  If the ball is shot, passed, kiccked into the arc and comes to a complete stop, either team has the opportuniy to play it out and either re shot the ball or kick out defensively.

o Attacking team may play the ball as it moves through the arc; however, they must be fully out of the arc before they can shoot.

* If the ball “dies” in the arc, either team may go in and play the ball out of the arc; ball must be FULLY stopped for the defense to go into the arc.

* Offside rules are not in effect

* Slide tackling is NOT allowed, no heading at the U9-U11 age range.

* Minor Fouls committed close to the arc will be moved 4 yards away from the arc

* Time wasting, swearing, and major fouls in the offensive half will result in a penalty kick from the 8 yard mark to the opposing team. All players must be behind the ball. The ball cannot be touched by another player. Restart is either a GK or a KO.

* The home team shall provide the ball to start the game.

o If additional balls are needed, they may be provided by either team.

o U9-U12 teams use a size 4 ball. · U13-U19 teams use a size 5 ball.


* 6 Points for a win

* 3 Point for a tie

* 1 points for a shutout (0-0 tie equals 4 points)

* 1 point for each goal (maximum 3 points per game)

* 10 points maximum per game

* A forfeit in play will result in a 3-0 score

Tie breaker

* Winner of head to head

* Winner of most games

* Goal differential (goals scored minus goals against) with a maximum of 3 goals differential per game

* Fewest goals allowed

* Kicks from 8 yard mark.

* A forfeit in play will result in a 3-0 score

Championship games

* Two 10 minute half’s followed by two, 2 minute extra time if necessary. 

* Followed by the best of three kicks from 8 yard mark.

* Followed by individual kicks until a winner is declared


* No protests will be heard on any judgment calls by the referee. All decisions by the referee are final.

* Protests on player eligibility and other technical matters may be made in writing and submitted to headquarters within one hour of the conclusion of the match.

* Express concerns regarding violations prior to the start of the game or at the time the incident occurs

* If you have a problem regarding the rules or procedures at your game, take the following steps:

o Notify the referee immediately so that a correction can be made.

o If the situation is not resolved, notify the field manager and a tournament official will respond.


* Teams will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis

* If an age group does not fill, we reserve the right to combine age groups dependent on the total number of teams in a particular age division.

* Age group offered are as follows:

o Boys and Girls U09 -- 1/1/2011 to 12/31/2011

o Boys and Girls U10 -- 1/1/2010 to 12/31/2010

o Boys and Girls U11 – 1/1/2009 to 12/31/2009

o Boys and Girls U12 – 1/1/2008 to 12/31/2008

o Boys and Girls U13 – 1/1/2007 to 12/31/2007

o Boys and Girls U14 – 1/1/2006 to 12/31/2006

o Boys and Girls U15 – 1/1/2005 to 12/31/2005

Boys any Girls U16 - 1/1/2004 to 12/31/2004

Boys and Girls U17/18 01/01/2002 to 12/31/2003

* Places will be held to try and fill a new bracket.

* The oldest player on the team determines the age group the team is bracketed in

* Maximum of 4 players on a team.

* Groupings: We reserve the right to combine age &/or gender groups dependent on the total number of teams in a particular age division. Parity of competition will be a priority when scheduling.

* Eight and six team bracket: the top two seeds overall play in final round.

* Fees are non –refundable if games are cancelled for any reason.


Check- in Procedure:

* Check in must be complete at least one half hour prior to team’s first game at the check in table/tent.

* A team representative will need to verify team roster as registered & USSF player’s passes/birth certificates (individual players do not need to check in)

* Birth certificates are needed only for players who do not have a physical player card.  If you were a past or current Crow River player, no age verification is needed as this was done upon your initial registration.

* Rosters will be frozen at this time; brackets will not be readjusted if age grouping changes.

* No score will be kept for the U9s and U10s and all will receive a participation award.

* Awards will be given to each player on winners team U-11 and older.

* We require out-of-state, non-MYSA affiliated teams to submit written proof of permission to travel 15 days in advance of the Tournament.

* Non USYS soccer teams must show proof of insurance. Teams may not change affiliation, e.g. from US Youth Soccer to US Club Soccer after being accepted into tournament.


* One referee per field

* The issuance of red and yellow cards and other matters involving the conduct of a team and its players will be recorded and reported as required by US Youth Soccer Tournament Hosting Agreement Rules to the home state association and MYSA.

* If a coach is out of control, a referee may request the coach to leave before a game continues. If a coach is asked to leave a game, the referee will retain the members pass and will send it to MYSA office along with the appropriate game report. The coach will serve an automatic mandatory two-game suspension.

* Crow River Soccer Club is a tobacco, e-cigarette, drug, and alcohol free organization; please help us protect the youth by abiding by this policy.






In the event of severe weather it is important that all games are suspended and that all players are removed from the open fields. The Tournament Director will signal to all games in progress that the games have been suspended.

The nearest safe public building is Watertown-Mayer Elementary which is located just west of the fields. All players and parents should make their way to this location.

When the weather has passed the games will be resumed, if time allows. Check in every half hour to see if the games will be played. The Tournament Director will be in touch with the National Weather Broadcasting Station to make sure that it is safe to resume play. In the case of extreme heat MYSA guidelines will be followed for field players using the onsite heat index.