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The registration deadline for Summer Travel Soccer (U9 and up) will be posted on the registration form and on the website, http://www.crowriversoccer.com.  Registrations received after this date will be charged a $50 late registration fee.

The registration deadline for Recreational Soccer (ages 5-9) will be April 1st.  Registrations received after this date will be charged a $10 late registration fee.


Please visit www.crowriversoccer.com for the most up-to-date refund policy. This policy is posted at the time of registration. You may view it online.

Refund requests must be submitted in writing via email at info@crowriversoccer.com

Please include in refund request:

  • Player's name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Parent's name
  • Parent’s phone number
  • Reason for request

Refund requests not received in writing (email or letter) will not be eligible for a refund. 

Once registered for a C2, C1 or premier level team, a refund will not be issued.


Travel soccer late fees are designed as a deterrent for registering after established MN Youth Soccer Assn (MYSA) deadlines for team submittal. Due to the high cost-burden Late Fees to families, a Late Fee may be waived on a one-time-only basis per family. After a family has had a late fee waived once, no consideration will be made in subsequent years. The Late Fee waiver must be approved by the president.



Travel Team assignments are based on birth year.  Due to changes with US Soccer, the year of soccer begins on January 1st of that year.  This means that grade level will no longer be considered as a factor. If a higher competitive team is formed, evaluations along with birth year will be the main source for forming teams.  If a player cannot attend an evaluation, coaches will be asked to assess an individual during an in session season.  (i.e. Due to illness or vacation your child will miss their evaluation date, you must ask in writing to have the coach perform an in - season evaluation for fall, winter or summer if available)  Evaluated players will be given priority when assigning teams.  A valid birth certificate will be required from each player. Teams will be formulated according to the number of participants signed up in each age group.  For age levels that have too few participants signed up to form a team, CRSC will create teams based on MYSA standards for eligibility in “playing up”.  When “play ups” are necessary, CRSC will identify candidates on the basis of other siblings, player ability and parent and player willingness.  Evaluations will occur annually as needed.

For teams with more registrants than available spots, try-outs will be held. Players are expected to play on the team on which they are placed. Specific requests cannot be guaranteed, including younger players requesting to play with their grade. CRSC will do its best to create teams for everyone; however, it is possible that a participant may be unable to play due to age limits and the inability to create a suitable team.  In this situation, a full refund will be provided to the participant, even if after published deadlines. “Practice-only” participation will be offered for players at a much-reduced rate when a competitive team is not available. Please contact the club administrator for practice-only options.


CRSC believes that all participants should have a relatively similar experience in terms of coaching, playing time and skill formation at the recreational level. CRSC relies heavily on volunteer coaches, some with little or no soccer experience, and as such, is committed to providing the training and skill sets necessary to all coaches and volunteers.  With that in mind, players will be assigned to teams based on their age level or sex, to help facilitate the creation of well-balanced teams. Teams will be created randomly based on demographics.  Special requests such as playing on a friend/neighbor’s team, specific coach, etc. will not be accommodated due to its often detrimental impact on team balance.




CRSC adopts the following coaches rules of conduct provided by the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) and developed by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA):

  1. Soccer is the player's game. The paramount concern of coaches is the holistic development, welfare, enjoyment and safety of their players.
  2. Coaches bear responsibility for teaching players to strive for success while playing fairly, observing the laws of the game and the highest levels of sportsmanship.
  3. Travel Coaches shall treat officials with respect and dignity, and shall teach their players to do the same.
  4. Our opponents are worthy of being treated with respect. Coaches will model such respect for opponents and expect their players to do likewise, regardless of oppenant player, coach and parent behaivor. 
  5. In both victory and defeat, the behavior of the coach shall model grace, dignity and composure.
  6. Coaches shall adhere to the highest standards and the regulations of the institutions they represent: clubs, schools, sponsoring organizations and sports governing bodies.
  7. Coaches shall model inclusive behavior, actively supporting diversity while opposing all types of discrimination, including but not limited to, racism and sexism, at all levels of the game.
  8. Coaches are responsible for taking an active role in education about, and prevention and treatment of drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse; both in their lives and in the lives of their players.
  9. Coaches shall refrain from all manner of personal abuse and harassment of others, whether verbal, physical, emotional or sexual, and shall oppose such abuse and harassment at all levels of the game.
  10. Coaches shall respect the declared affiliations of all players.
  11. Coaches shall seek to honor those who uphold the highest standards and principles of soccer and shall use appropriate protocol to oppose and eliminate all behavior that brings disrepute to the sport - violence, abuse, dishonesty, disrespect and violations of the laws of the game and rules governing competition.

CRSC adopts the following Player Code of Conduct as outlined by MYSA and created by the International Federation of Association Futbol (FIFA):

  1. Play the game for the game's sake.
  2. Be generous when you win.
  3. Be graceful when you lose.
  4. Be fair always no matter what the cost.
  5. Obey the laws of the game.
  6. Work for the good of your team.
  7. Accept the decisions of the officials with good grace.
  8. Believe in the honesty of your opponents.
  9. Conduct yourself with honor and dignity.

The following are guidelines for the appropriate conduct of parents and spectators.  Adherence to these guidelines will demonstrate support for CRSC and its members and participants.

  1. Be a good spectator.  Do not criticize referees, players or coaches.
  2. Show good sportsmanship by applauding a good play…..on EITHER team.
  3. Support all players by providing encouragement and praise.  Do not be critical and do not coach from the sidelines.
  4. Support the coaches.  They are spending a considerable amount of time teaching and mentoring the children in many ways.  Show them respect and encouragement.
  5. Support your CRSC board members.  All members are volunteers, spending much time and energy to create a successful program in our local community.   Support board objectives and direction.



Players and parents will be warned of poor conduct first by the coach or manager. If problems persist, player or parent will be contacted by the board. After that, player or parent will be suspended from CRSC program, pending investigation by the board. If you have a dispute or complaint, please put it in writing and send to: Crow River Soccer Club, 1507 Hidden Trail, Mayer MN 55360



CRSC does not currently have access to a weather line.  The following guidelines should be used when inclement weather is an issue.

Weather: Recreational Soccer:

Games WILL be played in moderate rain, absence of downpour or lightening/severe weather.  Field closures and game cancellation will be reported via SportsSignup, so make sure your contact information is up to date. If there is any question as to a possible cancellation, coaches playing each other will be expected to be in contact with each other to determine whether to play, cancel, or “wait it out

In extremely hot weather, coaches and parents will determine the course of action, e.g. more water breaks, shorter substitutions, shorter game times, or canceling altogether.  In both types of weather conditions, parents will be encouraged to use their best judgment as to whether to allow their child(ren) to play.  Reimbursements will not be made for missed games, nor will make-up games be played.

Weather: Travel Soccer:

Games may not be cancelled by anyone other than the head referee, or by a field closure. For that reason, unless you hear directly from a coach or manager,  you MUST SHOW UP at the game field at the appropriate time ready to play. Failure for a team to show up will result in a sizeable fine from MYSA, which the team may be held liable for.

Travel practices are determined by the coach and communicated to the team via sportssignup. Please make sure your contact information (including cell phone for text alerts) is up to date!


CRSC reserves the right to offer discounts/credits to volunteers who meet certain criteria such as heading up a committee, coaching, etc. The amount of the discounts is at the discretion of the board.

CRSC offers financial aid to players who meet low-income criteria as set forth by the public school lunch assistance program.  Aid is available on when there are funds to cover player costs. Uniforms and tournaments are not included in the aid package, but can be discussed. Please contact the club administrator for further information. Families requesting aid will be required to submit a form for board consideration.



Playing time for Recreational Soccer shall be equal to the extent that the child is willing to play. Exceptions to this policy are if a child has acted in a dangerous or disrespectful manner. In this case, it is preferred for the parent to remove and discipline the child. In the absence of parent intervention, the coach will talk to the player and have the player sit on the sideline for no more than 5 minutes.


Playing time for Recreational Soccer shall be equal to the extent that the child is willing to play. Exceptions to this policy are if a child has acted in a dangerous or disrespectful manner. In this case, it is preferred for the parent to remove and discipline the child. In the absence of parent intervention, the coach will talk to the player and have the player sit on the sideline for no more than 5 minutes.

Playing time for Travel Soccer will change as players progress in both age and skill. Coachesare required to play all players in all games unless disciplinary action is being taken. In the absence of a designated goaltender, players will be selected by the coach and will take turns in this position. At U9-U11 playing time should be roughly equal and with no specialization of position, i.e. players should all be given the chance to play at different positions throughout the season. Coaches may reduce playing time for disciplinary reason, but this should be communicated to the player and the parents in a timely fashion. All U12-U13 players should expect to play during a game, however in many cases it will not be equal. Player and team development are the goal, however playing competitively is also a goal. Coaches are encouraged to make skill improvement and sportsmanship the main objective for each season. As such, coaches are allowed to reduce playing time as a consequence for poor practice attendance, bad attitude and disrespectful behavior. At U12, coaches may begin to allow for specialization of positions, however positions should not be set in stone. Note: coaches determine player positions, not players. U14 and up players are expected to give both practices and games their best effort. Playing time at this age level is up to the coach, as long as every player is played.* Effort and improvement should be rewarded.

C2, C1 and Premier level playing policy:

The playing policy for higher competitive teams at the C2, C1 and premier levels are as follows: Every player can expect to play approximately 25% or more of each league game.  Tournaments, state qualifier and state play off games will be up to the head coaches discretion.  Please note that playing time will not be equal.  Factors to determine playing time could include, but are not limited to: practice attendance, effort, field position, attitude and skill level.

* In the event of a player more than two years younger than the designated team age (ie: a U14 player on a U17 team) the coach will make the final decision about whether a younger player should play in a game. Player safety is the number one priority.

Travel Soccer Playing Time for Season-ending playoffs only: as teams progress toward state tournaments, playing time may shift to less equal shifts. No player should be excluded from play. Team cohesiveness and success are the main goals. Every player counts toward that success regardless of playing time on the field.


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