Info on how to become an MYSA Referee

UpdatedTuesday March 3, 2015 byJennie Menke.

2015 Referee Pre-Season Information

Please read this entire notice as it contains many important details.


As many of you are aware, the Minnesota State Referee Committee has continued to make improvements to its registration process.  With this process, I assure you that this system is cleaner, easier and more user-friendly to deal with. The committees website – - will be the central location for registration, test-taking and clinic sign-up.

Because you all should have received a mailing and e-mail regarding the registration process on this site, I will not include step-by-step details here. If you were a registered referee in 2014, you have an account in the system so go ahead and log-in to get re-certified.  Click on the green link button for Returning Referees and follow the instructions.  New to the website for re-certifying referees, you can do your complete registration process all on-line.  You won’t have to attend a clinic this year.

If you are interested in registering as a new referee in 2015, click on the yellow link button on the MNSRC website or go to and follow the instructions.  This page explains the step by step process that all new referees need to follow. You cannot advance to the next task until you have completed the one required before it. It will not be possible to take your test until you have paid your 2015 registration fees. You will not have access to the classroom session list until registration fees are paid, your test is completed and passed and any online training required for your grade is complete.

Referee Clinics

In past years, CRSC and/or Waconia have hosted referee certification clinics but this year, neither Crow River SC nor Waconia SC will be hosting a Certification clinic so you will have to go to a clinic nearby.  Some suggestions for certification clinics to attend are: 3/14 & 4/12 in Eden Prairie, 3/15 & 4/26 in Plymouth, 3/21 & 4/18 in Edina, 3/28 & 4/25 in Shakopee and 4/11 in Minnetonka.  You can choose one of the clinics listed above to attend or find a clinic that is nearest and most convenient to you from the on-line list.

Referee Coordinator Position

CRSC is also pleased to announce that John Hagenstein is again the Crow River Soccer Club Referee Programs Coordinator in charge of Referee Assigning, Training and Mentorship.  John has worked with us since 2010.  Using John’s “4 M’s of Mentorship” model, we will strive to cultivate an environment of mentorship, education and most important, having fun along the way. Stay tuned for news of our upcoming referee field clinic. 

Game Officials

We will again be using Game Officials to assign our referees to games.  Game Officials is the most widely used assigning program in Minnesota and many of you are familiar with it.  Go to  Using Game Officials will result in more efficient and effective referee assigning.   Information on Game Officials and John’s contact information is posted on the CRSC website.  Follow the instructions in the pdf below: Game Officials – New Officials.pdf. 


We are always looking to improve our program. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Visit follow the steps to get certified. It is a very good idea to email the Crow River Referee Assignor, John Hagenstein, to let him know you are getting certified so that he can include you on important emails. 

CRSC GameOfficials - New Officials.pdf