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Recreation Soccer Registration

Updated Tuesday February 26, 2019 by Kelly Stanley.

Register now for summer recreation soccer.  This program is open for boys and girls ages 5 - 8 years old. Play begins on May 23th and concludes on July 21st at our annual end of season Jamboree!  All practices and games will be held at the Watertown Mayer elementary school (500 Paul Avenue) on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  The U5/6 age group will be held from 5:45-6:45 pm and the U7/8 age group from 7:00-8:00.  To register, please click on the registration button on the home page and login or set up an account.  Any questions can be directed to Kelly Stanley at 952-451-1195 or Matt Blair at 952-292-0815.

Register by April 1st - $75.00 Late registrations will be $85.00 after the 1st  and no registrations taken after April 21st, 2018 unless there is room on a team!  Coaches are volunteer only and each head coach will receive an account credit equal to the cost of their registration fee.  Assistant Coaches receive a 50% account credit!  Please register yourself along with your child ASAP so we can keep you up to speed this spring!!


2020 Summer Travel Soccer

This is an competitive outdoor soccer program that is for players from ages 7-18 years old. It is a competitive league which includes travel to outside cities for games. The season begins in mid to late March and concludes by the 2nd - 4th week of July, depending on age level. A player can expect to have either practices or games 2-3 times each week. Games will begin in early May and continue into mid-late July. All practices are held at local gyms and/or fields in Watertown or Mayer. Each player is required to purchase a jersey uniform set once registered and assigned to a team. (Cost: $70.00) All players must have shin pads and gym shoes/cleats for all practices and games. In a typical season, each team will play 10-12 games. Half of all games at home and half at an outside city. All home games are played in Watertown and Mayer or a surrounding city. Players are expected to attend as many practices and games. Please note: If your player is playing on a C2 or higher level team, they will be expected to participate in at least 75% of all practices. Parents are expected to attend team meetings and fill in any necessary forms.

While it is not required, most teams choose to participate in at least one outside tournament throughout the summer session. Expect to pay additional fees to cover tournament costs.

If we do not have a parent volunteer coach, it is possible that we will not be able to form a team or would need to hire a paid coach, if one can be found. If a paid coach is required, an additional coach fee will be required from each player. We would cap the additional cost to $125.00 per player. Please factor this into your decision upon registering as several teams are likely to have a paid coach.

U9-15 Fall Travel Soccer 2019

Registration is closed

This is a competitive travel soccer season which runs from Mid - August through the first week of October. You can expect to have practice 2-3 days each week Monday through Thursday. ALL games are played on the weekends throughout September and the first part of October. A typical season would have 5-6 league games, 2-3 played at home (CCLS it City fields in Watertown) and 2-3 away games played in surrounding communities. (Can be as far as St. Cloud or St. Peter, Minneapolis etc.) Some teams may decide to participate in a team tournament which would require additional cost. Every player is expected to purchase a complete uniform set after assigned to a team. If you are a new player, we will have uniforms available for purchase.

Please Note: We rely on parent volunteers for coaching and managing our teams. If we cannot find a parent volunteer to coach/manage, we may not be able to provide a team or may need to charge an additional fee if a paid coach can be found. The additional fee could be as much as $50.00 per player. Please consider helping out as this keeps our registration fees reasonable!

2011 - 70.00 (Parent volunteer / 2 day practices)
2009-2010 - 90.00 (Parent volunteer / 2 day practices)
2007-2008 - 100.00 (parent volunteer and 2-3 day training schedule)