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Become a Referee: Great Pay, Flexible Schedule

UpdatedTuesday March 3, 2015 byJennie Menke.

It's time to start referee certification for the upcoming summer soccer season.

Quickstart: Head over to to get started.

Become a referee and improve your game while gaining invaluable leadership, communication and organization skills for college and beyond. --Not to mention great pay and a flexible schedule! Any U14 and up player is strongly encouraged to consider refereeing this year. The job pays well and adds considerably to a player’s understanding and respect for the game. Where else can a teenager be guaranteed a job and pocket $25-$40 in an hour? Visit our "Becoming a Referee" page to get started

Three V Three Tournament 2020

Crow River is hosting a 3 V 3 tournament. Each team will consist of up to 4 team members. The game is played on a modified field which is smaller and has very small goals. There is a no touch, no defending zone around the goal. This requires excellent shooting skills. Each team will compete at the level of the oldest player on their own team. A maximum of 4 players per team and a coach is optional. All games will be refereed and rules will be enforced. Rules will be posted on the site.

U9-15 Fall Travel Soccer 2020

This is a competitive travel soccer season which runs from Mid - August through the first week of October. You can expect to have practice 2-3 days each week Monday through Thursday. ALL games are played on the weekends throughout September and the first part of October. A typical season would have 5-6 league games, 2-3 played at home (CCLS it City fields in Watertown) and 2-3 away games played in surrounding communities. (Can be as far as St. Cloud or St. Peter, Minneapolis etc.) Some teams may decide to participate in a team tournament which would require additional cost. Every player is expected to purchase a complete uniform set after assigned to a team. If you are a new player, we will have uniforms available for purchase.

Please Note: We rely on parent volunteers for coaching and managing our teams. If we cannot find a parent volunteer to coach/manage, we may not be able to provide a team or may need to charge an additional fee if a paid coach can be found. The additional fee could be as much as $50.00 per player. Please consider helping out as this keeps our registration fees reasonable!

2011 - 70.00 (Parent volunteer / 2 day practices)
2009-2010 - 90.00 (Parent volunteer / 2 day practices)
2007-2008 - 100.00 (parent volunteer and 2-3 day training schedule)

Summer Training 2020

Registration is closed

CRSC is excited to offer summer training for interested players to be held in small groups. The focus of this training will be fitness and individual skills training. All coaches and players will be expected to follow the MN Dept. of Health recommendations while at the training session. All players will require a waiver signed by both parents or both legal guardians. Training will be organized in a small group setting that will NOT exceed 9 players with 1 coach or 8 players with 2 coaches. Once assigned to your "pod", there will be not cross over or mixing of players. DUE TO THE LIMITED NUMBER OF PLAYERS TO COACH RATIO, THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF COMMITMENT WOULD BE EXPECTED. Given the ever changing rules and regulations from MYSA and the state, it may be possible that some group could combine and practice in a larger group setting and with less rules regarding contact.
U9-U10 Girls and Boys - Monday nights 6:30-7:30 CCLS Field

U11/12 Girls - Wednesday nights 6:30-7:30 - CCLS Field
U13/14 Girls - Thursday nights 6:30-7:30 - CCLS Field
U15+ Girls - Tuesday or Thursday nights 6:30-7:30 - CCLS Field

U11/12 Boys - Thursday nights 6:30-7:30 - CCLS Field
U13/14 boys - Tuesday or Thursday nights 6:30-7:30 - CCLS Field
U15+ Boys - Wednesday nights 6:30-7:30 - CCLS Field